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I work as an IT in a mid size company. The day when they released Windows 7 was a happy day for me! Installation took 5 times less time than Vista or XP (mostly as Win7 installs 95-100% drivers automatically), the system is fast, resources-easy... in one word, I love everything about.

Except for one thing.

I use one little app a lot. It's an app for copying different stuff between two databases. Sometimes I need to copy like 500 things during one day. Now tell me, which lines of the two listboxes below are highlighted?




If you have really good eyes, you'll see it's 2870AT.


It's incredible that so many years after the release of Windows 7 they didn't fix it in an update. Up till recently I thought there's no simple solution to this issue. You can download different themes - it won't work. It's a pretty common problem, you'll find millions of web pages talking about it.


Most of solutions include heavy system modification, including tampering with registry, installing hacks letting you use modified themes etc. The stuff is difficult (for some) and simply time consuming (for all). Today I discovered (ok, read it somewhere :)) a...




It will take you 30 seconds!!!


First, right click on your desktop and choose the option






You'll see this:



You need to click the 'Desktop' sign and change it into '3D Objects'. Then you click this:



Now, the color you're about to change will be the color of the new selection. Unfortunately, it will also be the color or so called button surfaces; depending on the apps you use they may be 50% of what you see. So, what I would do is clicking 'Other':



And then, slide the black triangle just a notch down:









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How do I achieve this on windows 10?

Added: November 6, 2017
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This is clearly a bug, and it is annoying as hell that nobody at Microsoft caught it back in Windows 95 and worse that they never bothered to fix it in the past 20 years. :!thinking:

Added: November 26, 2016
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Please leave your comment :D

Added: May 2, 2012
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